My series of video work, performances and photographs are focused on the female's body and its relationship to different elements such as water, sand, wind and man-made materials such as plastic, paper, rubber and fabrics. The experimentations are developed to look at the action and reaction of the body in different spaces and environments, the transformation of the shape and form of the body that visually changed into a sculpture when affected physically from the elements and materials in order to examine the psychological, corporeal and cultural ways of viewing the human condition. The certain symbols contained in the videos are used to reflect the idea of violence, endurance, communication, as well as gender.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So it has been a while!

It surely has been a while since the last time I came here, writing and sharing photographs of new works as I have been crazily busy in the past year after graduating.

Currently, I am having my latest solo exhibition at Beam Contemporary in Guildford Lane (Melbourne, Australia) and I have been very excited about it. If you are in the city of Melbourne during March (very beautiful days to walk around), you can come to Beam Contemporary and have a look at all new 2013 video works!

Exhibition Info:

1st - 16th March 2013 at Beam Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia

Opening: 2nd March 2013

 A continuation of my practice, my new series of video work aims to reconstruct the elements of the traditional 17th century painting in which a female body is still-life subject within domestic space. The work illustrates the relationship between the body and daily objects which physically react and communicate violently towards each other to reflect the physical, psychological and cultural aspects of female’s endurance, strength and insecurity.

Soaked, Video Still, 2013

Here is my other work also exhibiting at Beam Contemporary!
Poured, Video Still, 2013

Beam Contemporary is a commercial art gallery established in Melbourne's CBD in 2010. The gallery represents a small selection of exceptional Australian and New Zealand artists working across all mediums, including installation, painting, photography, sculpture and video. The artists exhibited there includes Clare Rae, Aime Fairman, Scott Morrison Natalya Hughes who is having her solo exhibition on the 23rd of March. The directors of Beam Contemporary also run the popular gallery space downstairs called "Screen Space" which is a perfect space for moving image artists.  Both space opens from Thursday-Saturday 12-6 pm. 

More Updates!

As I have mentioned about Screen Space, they are having an opening for Hua Krathi Project group exhibition curated by Melanie Jayne Taylor, Rushdi Anwar and Shukit Panmongkol tomorrow night at 6 pm! The Hua Krathi Project presents the work of 14 contemporary Thai artists (including me!) that span the mediums of installation, sculpture, media art, drawing, painting and photography to showcase the diversity of Thai culture. Their work represents a divergence from the traditional mediums and approaches to art making, offering Australian audiences a taste of this fresh contemporary approach.

So, if you are in the city tomorrow night, don't forget to visit Screen Space, have some delicious wine while seeing great arts by contemporary Thai artists. 

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